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Mindset Coach

Performance Mindset Coaching for Business Owners and Corporate Professionals

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John elevates high performers to live to the greatest version of themselves. Are YOU ready to step into your POTENTIAL, FULFILMENT, HAPPINESS and 

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You weren't born to be average, you were

born to be PHENOMENAL.

Now is the time for you to step up into your

GREATNESS and follow your calling.

Do you feel like you have reached a point in your life where you have

STAGNATED, and lack the drive  and ambition you once

had to reach the very top.

TRUST me, you've come to exactly the right place.

You deserve to be the BEST VERSION of yourself. Your family deserves for you to show up as the winner you were born to be. Your business

deserves the leader that it craves and desires.


You already have unlimited potential and greatness inside of you,

it's my job to help you UNLEASH it.

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Hey, I’m John, the bridge builder between where you are right now, and where you want to be. It is my ambition and mission to

impact and reach millions of people all over the world

and create lasting permanent change.

I am an extremely motivated coach who always believes in the power of personal growth and pushing boundaries for what we think we're capable of. My own personal transformation into coaching began

over 2 years ago, when I had my own epiphany moment,

discovered that it was time to answer my calling and

impact the world on a deeper level


Since that very moment, I have spent over $40,000 on my own personal and professional development, sharping my coaching skills, and deepening my knowledge of human potential and development.


I hold extensive coaching certifications, making me a leading authority in the coaching industry, which is largely unregulated. I hold very high standards for my own personal and professional development, and I am always looking to level up and add new tools to my coaching tool box.


My current qualifications:


  • PTCT Transformational and Executive Leadership Coach

  • Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation

  • NLP Certified Practitioner

  • Sleep Performance Practitioner Coach

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • EYL Mindset Specialist


Where do I fit to help you with your challenges?



Feeling like you reached a certain level, but cannot breakthrough?
Let’s remove those limitations for good, and create a roadmap that excites you,
and gives you a deeper level of purpose and meaning.



Are you burning your candle and both ends? Have you maxed out your energyresources, and simply cannot find the time or energy to move forward? Don’tworry, we got you. Let’s put together a self-care plan that helps you becomeproactive, not reactive, so you never have to experience burnout again.



Do you feel like you are one step behind, and no matter what you try, you simply 

cannot get a handle on your routine

and productivity?

Let’s help you build the right amount of structure to complement your creative freedom, so everything starts to flow again.

Online Programs

Live Without Limits

Feeling like your life or business have stagnated? Our live without limits signature system is a proven system that helps you elevate your mindset and optimise peak performance, so you can get out stagnation, and bring some much needed flow back into your life. We run separate cohorts of males and females, so drop us a message so we can see if and how we can help.


Move past your fear and self-doubt, with simple strategies tools and support that you can implement right away.



Unstoppable is our interview only 12 month mastermind for ambitious male business owners who are ready to step into their best version of themselves, mastering my 3 core pillars to help you ascend to your highest human potential. UnstoppableU is a combination of group coaching, one on one support, and all the tools and resources you need to take your personal and professional growth to the next level. This is an interview only program so drop me a message to receive an application.

1 on 1 Coaching

Do you feel like you work better in a 1 on 1 setting? We provide a concierge model, where we will work with you on a deeper level to eliminate your limits so you can become your best self. Limited spots available for this program.



Unleash the true potential of your workforce through performance mindset trainings and coaching.

Your team is ready for more, it’s time to empower them!

Finding and retaining talent is a massive problem in Hong Kong right now, so it is imperative that you create a culture of growth, contribution and community, to ensure your company continues to excel, regardless of external factors.

A healthy workforce equals a healthy business

Recent surveys have demonstrated a massive shift in the importance of wellness in your workforce, with Hong Kong desperately lagging behind every other
countries in terms of work happiness and wellness. With simple shifts, we can educate your team about wellness practices, and provide them with simple tools
and strategies that will recharge their batteries to prevent burnout in the long
run, and bring some enjoyment back into their work.

Success is 80% Mindset, and 20% Strategy 

Develop your team away from ‘negative mindsets’ into a more efficient and
effective leadership team. Mindset training address multiple challenges including
conflict, problem solving, growing creativity and leadership development. To grow
professionally, we must first grow personally.

Performance equals Results

Optimal performance gives you optimal results. Performance coaching enables individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and gain a higher level self-
awareness and clarity, bringing more certainty to the workplace. We can reduce compress the time it takes to complete tasks by identifying our peak performance
times for productivity, creativity and problem solving.


Book in a free consultation today to help your workforce


John Is a much sought after public speaker for events, using a combination of wisdom and knowledge he always provides value for his audience with his expertise on all aspects of coaching and personal development. John has recently spoken at some local private clubs here in Hong Kong, and if you would be interesting in booking his services for your community, then just drop us a message.


Hear what our Clients Success' Stories


Paul Naski


Paul Broadhead


Bibiana Ageuro


PTCT Transformational and Executive Leadership Coach
Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation
Sleep Performance Practitioner Coach
NLP Certified Practicioner
NASM Personal Trainer
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